Business digitalization is the main component of success, without which it is simply impossible to achieve high efficiency. This article will consider how to improve business governance with the help of a board portal solution.

What is a board portal software?

Automation of business processes allows you to free up resources, receive timely statistical data for analysis, speed up the decision-making process, and reduce the company’s financial costs. In modern conditions of fierce competition and continuous multitasking, any organization needs it.

Enterprise management inevitably requires the creation of many types of management documents, without which it is impossible to solve the problems of planning, financing, lending, accounting and reporting, operational management, etc. Thus, the collegial activity of the founders of the enterprise is recorded in the protocols. Therefore, the board meeting should be prepared especially carefully with a detailed study of all organizational and technical measures, both for organizing and conducting it. In this case, board software is the best solution. According to board portal helps consolidate organizational workflows and speeds up the board’s decision-making while keeping it organized for better productivity. It also acts as a comprehensive database for storing and managing critical information and documents that your board may need.

The software includes work on automating office workflow and archives, business processes for coordinating various groups of documents, managing meetings, developing and implementing an integration module with 1C, and several other modules that take into account the specific needs of the customer. As a result of the project, it was possible to create a single information space for the holding companies, optimize business processes, provide control and analysis of business process statistics, automate document flow, and provide technological capabilities for prompt search and storage of information.

How to govern with the help of board software?

Business process automation with the help of board software is a part of a business process with which you can replace manual routine work operations performed by a person with automated execution by systems. Its essence lies in the transfer of template constantly recurring work that does not require flexible behavior during the execution of the software.

The board software presents the following functionality:

  • organization of the procedure for holding both in-person and absentee meetings of committees, meetings of the board, meetings of working groups;
  • formation and familiarization with the agenda;
  • preliminary approval of documents submitted for approval;
  • formation of the issue, familiarization of the committee members with the materials on the issue;
  • preliminary approval of the draft decision;
  • bringing the issue to the committee;
  • the mechanism for electronic voting on agenda items;
  • formation of approval and voting sheets;
  • formation, registration, distribution of the protocol;
  • the ability to export the protocol to doc and pdf formats;
  • formation of extracts from the protocol;
  • a single repository of protocols, decisions, and approved documents in the context of committees;
  • control over the course of voting and execution of decisions.

So, board governance software for workflow automation opens up new opportunities for the organization. The software’s main task is to improve the quality of administrative decisions. In addition to the fact that the board portal greatly facilitates the office work of any organization, automation also allows you to significantly reduce the material and time costs associated with the creation, circulation, and storage of documentation, speed up the work and allow you to get ahead of competitors when making both operational, tactical and strategic decisions.