A good writer needs to use the right tools. Writers who have the passion for writing can make their work perfect through the use of different app ideas available in the market today. The first thing that any aspiring author needs to know is the apps that are required by the writers to make their work easy. The most common and important app is the word-count of the written piece. The word-count is an app that indicates how many words a writer can write in a given period of time. There are several writing apps online that can help the writers to attain the desired word-count.


Another important writing tools is the MS word processor. Word processors like the MS office application are used by many writers as their main writing tools. Word processors come with different features and hence depending upon the requirements of the writer, he can buy the software required for his work – board software. Some of the commonly used word processors are the Microsoft Word, Publisher, and Macs Office.


One of the best writing apps available today is the Adobe Systems Word (ox). Word is one of the most popular word processors used by most of the writers due to its simple yet powerful software features. The software is available free on the internet. If the writer does not want to spend money on buying software he can just download Word and try to use it.


Apart from the above-mentioned applications, there are other writing software that helps writers to enhance their skills in grammar. One of the best writing apps is the Open Office, which is a free suite of office applications including the word processor. This software allows the user to create, save, share, and edit files. Apart from the basic functions of word processing, the Open Office has special features like spreadsheet application, graphics creation tools, database access, media creation, OCO support, Perl support, etc. Thus, this tool is a must for all those who work on any type of professional writing.


There are a number of document management applications available in the market based on the Windows, Mac OS X platform. However, none of them has the features as Google Docs. Thus, the best choice would be Google Docs.

The best part about using this particular software is that it is completely free!


One must opt for a word processor that has features like Microsoft Word, Page Maker, Publisher, and Macs Office. All these programs are used by a majority of the professional writers and editors. In addition, the writers can also choose to purchase a commercial version of the above three writing software packages.


A common but useful writing software is the Adobe Scrivener. A scrivener is a word processor that has a drag-and-drop feature and allows one to save time when working on a document. Some advanced features include multiple selection, undo, and highlight. A good scrivener should also allow one to export a document as a PDF. This means that a writer can convert his document into a different format if he wants to use it for some other purpose.


Finally, a passive voice will make a difference in the quality of a work. In other words, a writer who uses active voice will more likely attract readers and have greater success in the industry. So the new age of writers, the hyper-connected, the grammarly, and the spell-checkers are here! !